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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> black lives matter. black lives matter. john: emotions running high after a man is fatally shot by a raleigh police officer. what the police chief is saying. barbara: first day on the job, the protests of the new u. tphfpltn.u.n.c. systems president will face. john: an overnight reunion as dozens of fort bragg soldiers return from iraq. barbara: march coming in like a lamb. meteorologist don schwenneker has the springlike forecast. john: good morning, carolina, welcome on this first day of march. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stories but first meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. good morning. don: good morning to you, barbara and john. good morning to you. as you head out the door we have dry conditions and a warm day shaping up. look at the jump in temperatures throughout the day. 40's this morning right now but by 9:00 we are in the 50's.
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32 right now in roxboro. 10 degrees warmer in chapel hill at 42. 35 sanford, 37 smithfield. 40 goldsboro. 37 wilson. 36 roanoke rapids. a look at the day ahead 41 now and by lunchtime it sis 67 at lunchtime. 70's this afternoon. today the warmest of the next seven. big changes coming. we will have that in the complete forecast in a bit. barbara: tensions are high in southeast raleigh after a raleigh police officer shot a man yesterday who was wanted on drug charges. justice. here are the latest details. the naacp is holding a news conference to address the shooting. meantime raleigh's police chief is asking for prayers an patience. last night dozens gathered for a vigil for the man who was shot,
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scene near bragg and east streets where a memorial is growing. anthony: you see the memorial here with candles, balloons and a picture of the man shot and scheduled monday and the neighborhood is mostly quiet after that vigil and raleigh. from 6:30 on an outpouring of outrage over the man memorialized. 24-year-old akiel denkins. >> let's not let this death be in vain. anthony: hundreds chanting and asking where a elected officials. why isn't raleigh's police chief here. they are demanding accountability of a case of deadly police force in the case of an unarmed man. >> we need to march tonight. we are going to march but we have to know what we are marching for. >> we have to fight them on
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burning buildings and going out and burning things down. that don't solve nothing. anthony: calls for peace gave young protesters a chance to vents after an emotional day. organizers say they will be at the next meeting of the raleigh city council and demanding body cameras on all of the officers and a review board to deal with situations like this involving the community and the police. barbara: "eyewitness news" has live team coverage on this developing story that is making national headlines. in the next half hour gloria rodriguez has reaction from the raleigh police officer and we hear from akiel denkins's mother. you can find more on this developing story on john: also we want to say police say a weapon was found near the body of the man who was shot. we don't know who owned that weapon. eyewitnesses say he was unarmed
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weapon found near the body. we will follow this story. the cumberland county sheriff's office says a dog shot by a deputy during a call had a history of aggressive behavior. they said the german shepherd named astro bit a child on the thigh last year and was put in kwarpb don't know. tamara abraham said he was trying to protect her from a man trying to get in her house. and when the deputy arrived saturday the man was gone but astro went outside and started barking and growling. the officer fired one shot at the dog to protect himself and the sheriff's office says a nonprofit group has agreed to pay for the dog's emergency treatment. barbara: nearly two decades after being charged with the murder of a shaw university student he is serving life.
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of killing lecoy mcqueen. mcqueen was pregnant with lawing's baby. prosecutors arced he wanted her to have an abortion. now the super tuesday and there are more delegates up for grabs than any other day of the primary calendar. john: primaries and caucus respect happening in 12 states democratic frontrunner hillary clinton hopes to solidify her lead and is looking beyond bernie sanders and targeting trump. today margaret spellings takes over as head of the u.n.c. system and it won't be quiet. since being chosen in october to head the 17-campus system there have been dozens of protests.
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classroom walk out and rally. barbara: more than 150 fort bragg soldiers are back at home. the 82nd airborne soldiers arrived this morning to loved ones. they had been in iraq nine months. greg barns was at pope airfield base for the homecoming and he has reaction. reporter: it was a rousing hero's welcome tuesday morning and in the midst of an invasion of emotion and tears three-year-olds three-year-olds sign said it all. >> daddy. reporter: the calendar may say march but this was valentine's day, chrisis malice and birthday -- christmas and birthdays wrapped up in one. >> this is a little longer than usual, nine months. and i'm happy to be happilyome. . they have helped train iraq ground forces in the fight
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isis has lost 40% of the happened they additionally conquered. -- initially conquered. but they welcome them home to a job well done and their worry and fear over for now. >> we will spend the next couple of days with him. reporter: sounds like he has his marching orders. >> yes. reporter: about 160 were here. the residue back in the coming days. all this love and joy you see and feel home comings like this are a big deal for military families as they should be. a moment we could all share with pride. at pope army airfield at fort bragg. john: welcome home. barbara: absolutely. it is 5:08 and 41 degrees. chase involving a u-haul truck.
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want a different way to cleanse? try new all-in-1 micellar water from garnier. the micelles attract dirt like a magnet. to 1. remove makeup 2. cleanse and 3. soothe. no harsh rubbing, no rinsing. new micellar water from garnier skinactive. don: welcome back. we are looking at the bus stop forecast. kids may need a light jacket. temperatures a few degrees cooler in spots. they won't need it coming home. 41 at 6:00. by 8:00, 46 and by 10:0060's so it will jump.
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widespread from 33 in roxboro to 41 hillsborough. 41 downtown raleigh. 37 ropbtcky mount. 41 cary and 43 pinehurst. 43 hope mills and clinton 46. mainly clear now and 41. lunchtime 67 and you could take lunch outside. late day it will be in the upper 60's and lower 70's. warmest day of the next seven today. we will have a cooldown and rain. john: school bell changes could be coming to self wake -- several wake county schools. they will get proposals during a work session this afternoon. they could impact six existing schools including a high school. under the requested change classes would begin five minutes later and end 15 minutes earlier next year. the school board is not expected to vote until mid month.
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stolen u-haul tkpweupblgs our must-see videos. a dash camera captured this video in michigan with a tire missing and driving on its rim. it was leaning to the right as it sped down the highway with sparks flying. the driver eventually exited the freeway and the deputy hit it, causing the driver to lose control and left the road and crashed into a tree before coming to a stop. the driver and passenger gave themselves up. the troopers and deputy suffered injuries. the driver was charged on multiple felony charges. also this morning incredible video as a firefighter is blown backwards when an explosion rock this is gas station. it was yesterday in san francisco. the driver of a bus pulled into the station after noticing it was overheating. the engine caught fire and one
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look at this scene in denver. a truck dangling over the river. police say the driver swerved to try to avoid hitting send and went up that wall. he was able to get out of the vehicle and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the driver was cited for careless driving. john: next time you shop at kroger get a piece of fruit for free for the little one. it has an initiative to promote health eating habits with a basket of fresh fruit. children 12 and under with an adult can select a piece of fruit during each visit. barbara: good idea but it is not like when you got a free cookie. john: you had to bring that up. 5:14 fplt 5:14. a sickness close as north carolina school. barbara: a fellowship meal that
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a woman and her child are safe and how the standoff tied up traffic for horseurs.
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returning to ear john: it is 5:16 and 41 degrees. these are the headlines. the tpeufrb investigating yesterday's fayetteville police shooting in raleigh. officer d.c. tweety shot and killed akiel denkins as he attempted to serve an arrest warrant on drug charges. denkins ran and they heard gunfire. a vigil was held last night as an upset community demanded answers. the naacp will hold a news conference this morning to address the shooting. it is such tuesday and there are
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any other day of the primary calendar in 12 states as a nationwide cnn-orc poll finds donald trump and heather -- are heather way ahead. students are expected to protest margaret spellings's first day as head much the u.n.c. system. there have been protests since she was chosen to lead in october. barbara: real sickout at a north carolina school. it is closed at covenant day in matthews outside of charlotte after teachers and staff members got norovirus like systems. they closed yesterday because there were not enough teachers. the staff ate a meal together friday that was catered by a local jersey mike's. the health department is working with the school and restaurant to figure out what happened.
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evidence that zika could cause temporary paralysis according to a study of patients that developed it in tahiti. it is rapidly spreading in the americas and linked to birth defects. john: today a former hospital worker charged with the murders of a u.v.a. student and virginia tech student is expected to take a plea deal. jealousy matthew is serving for a sex assault conviction and murder in the death of hannah graham and morgan harrington. graham vanished in 2014 and harrington disappeared after attending a concert at u.v.a. in 2009. new this morning a police chase turns standoff that led to gridlock near los angeles. it is over but the suspect got away. barbara: it was caught on camera. he releases the mother and two children as he runs toward a nearby park.
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police are using search dogs to find him. it was first reported as a restraining order violation. john: astronaut scott kelly preparing to back to earth after nearly a year in space. he was there longer than any or u.s. astronaut. kelly's current mission has lasted 340 days. yesterday in his last briefing before heading home he told reporters he is feeling good and once he lands he will undergo a battery of tests. barbara: a curious looking cat has a permanent place to call home. the abandoned kitten known as the mustache cat was found in fresno. dumped in a large box of items outside a salvation army. it was taken to a no kill shelter that received dozens of applications applications.
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it mustache so. john: i think it makes it look distinguished. barbara: a wonder why, mr. clark. john: just saying. barbara: boy, it was pretty outside the last couple of days. don: good day it take the pets outside if you could. i don't want to leave anybody out. it has been great the past couple of days. today is the last warm day then we have cooler air. we will talk about that in a moment of let's talk about the rain changes. zero today and tomorrow 40%. any time after midnight through 8:00 a.m. thursday not much chance and triscattertri scatter -- friday scattered showers. this is downtown raleigh temperature right now 41. dew point 37. 86% humidity. sunrise a minute earlier at downtown fayetteville this
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46, 85% humidity and south wind two miles an hour. and widespread temperatures from 33 in rocksxboro to 45 in clinton. 39 southern pines. 34 sanford. 37 smithfield. wilson and 34 in louisburg. just a few clouds working through. not a ton of cloud cover but mainly in the northern counties. this is the next system. lots of snow in the midwest. if you are flying through chicago today call ahead. may see delays at o'hare and midway. this frontal boundary dropping south will clip us tonight in the overnight hours. today we are dry. lunchtime mostly to partly sunny. after midnight we anticipate showers and rain will be rain until tomorrow morning and then nice day tomorrow and thursday. the rest of today mostly sunny,
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67 at lunchtime. this afternoon clouds build in and partly sunny skies. temperatures running in the 70's today from cary to durham. 70 chapel hill. 71 11 garner, 74 fayetteville. 73 pinehurst. 72 lillington. sanford 71. you will hit 67 in roxboro. 73 tarboro. 72 wilson. tonight the temperatures back into the 40'sment rain arrives after midnight and winds around 30 miles an hour gusts. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow just 54 degrees the morning high. falling into the 40's by the afternoon. thursday 53 and friday 51. we dry out and warm up through the weekend. tonight maybe a rumble or two of thunder. not a risk of severe weather but maybe a stray thunderstorm. barbara: mcdonald's is about to
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jane's always on the move. luckily her light & fit protein smoothie can keep up with her. packed with 12grams of protein and no added sugar. so she can watch her calories and where she's going. light & fit feel free to enjoy. 5:26. barbara: senior night last night and number 8 carolina looking for a win over syracuse but it was close.
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minutes ago but hicks and johnson got big baskets to help them hang on to first place in the a.c.c. with a 75-70 win. john: trading on wall street opens following one of the worst februarying februarys in several years. >> topping america's money things are looking up for the 401-k. >> after a rough january the dow was up slightly in february and nasdaq lost more than 1% but march is historically a good time for stocks and april is the strongest month. >> the food long sand will be one foot pardon of the settlement of a class action lawsuit that complained they fell short. >> it was difficult to prove monetary damages because everybody ate the evidence. >> the easter bunny may be stop being at mcdonald's.
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cream egg mcflurry with pieces of cream egg. only available in australia. >> we have to fly there. that is america's money. barbara: wow. they should bring that here. john: maybe they will. if successful. barbara: 5:27. calls for peace and patterns in raleigh after a fayetteville police shooting. john: our live team coverage continues. and flu concerns, a local
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today to try to prevent its after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn.
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barbara: hundreds take to the streets of southeast raleigh after a man is killed by a police officer. the investigation under way. john: the most important day in the primary season just getting started. what is at stake for the presidential race. barbara: the victory for apple
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over a terrorist's john:phobe. it is super tuesday, 41 degrees and 5:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. we will get to the news but first weather and traffic together on this tuesday. here is meteorologist don schwenneker. stkpwhraorpbg. as you head out the door it is a pretty nice day for the first day of march. starting in the 40's but by 9:00 we are in the 50's and by 11:00 we are in the 60's on the way to near 70 degrees. current numbers, running in the 40's. 41 oxford and r.d.u. 42 chapel hill. 35 sanford, 44 fayetteville. 37 smithfield. 40 goldsboro and 46 roanoke rapids. looking at the day ahead we are in the 40's to start. by lunchtime 67 and partly sunny skies and going home it afternoon partly sunny and 71 degrees. temperatures in the 70's today and tomorrow 20 degrees cooler


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